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Protect process equipment with one of the world’s leading softener systems.

The Culligan® Matrix Solutions line of softeners is one the most complete in the industry, satisfying demands for scale reduction for flow rates from 1 to thousands* of gallons per minute. With reliable Progressive Flow, Culligan® Smart Controller, Brine Reclaim and Aqua-Sensor technologies, the Culligan® Softener systems are among the most efficient on the market. For complete customization, softeners are available in corrosion-resistant tanks made from carbon steel or fiberglass.

Advanced technologies improve one of the most adaptable softeners on the market.

With Progressive Flow technology, Culligan® Matrix Solutions Softeners can be sized to meet your exact needs. This allows smaller systems to be used where high flow rates are only required periodically, to improve cost efficiency.

Softener systems outfitted with Culligan® Smart Controllers and Progressive Flow technology contribute to initial cost savings and long-term maintenance cost reduction. This technology constantly measures water demand and brings softeners online or offline, as flow demand fluctuates. This allows for a custom system that is appropriately sized for your process needs, saving you costs up-front and in maintenance.

Culligan® Brine Reclaim technology reduces salt usage by up to 25% by reclaiming a portion of the brine used to regenerate the water softener. In addition to salt reduction, Brine Reclaim reduces water consumption and contributes to annual cost savings.

Aqua-Sensor technology initiates regeneration only when it is necessary based on water hardness to reduce salt consumption. Softeners featuring Aqua-Sensor technology automatically adjust to changes in raw water hardness and demand.

*Flow rate with multiple systems at a 25 psi pressure loss per system.
**Flow rate at a 25 psi pressure loss.


Scale reduction

Substantial initial and long-term cost savings

Improved efficiency of process equipment

Reduced maintenance, chemical and detergent costs

Reduced energy and water consumption


Boiler & Cooling tower make-up water

Ultra soft water for oil field steam injectors

Ingredient, process and utility water for food and beverage manufacturing

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Deionization (DI) pre-treatment

Culligan® Softener Products

Hi-Flo 50 Softener

The largest Culligan® Matrix Solutions industrial grade softener features a side-mount valve nest for easy installation and maintenance. For industrial processes up to 400** gallons per minute, the Hi-Flo 50 Softener has up to 67 cubic feet of resin for a hardness removal capacity of up to 2 million grains per tank.

CSM Softener

The CSM series is easy to install and service with side-mounted control valve. The CSM is ideal for medium industrial processes requiring a continuous flow of 259** gallons per minute. The total hardness removal capacity is up to 900k grains per tank.

Hi-Flo 3e Softener

With the Culligan® Smart Controller, the Hi-Flo 3e also features a smart design with a top-mounted control valve to reduce the length of pipe needed for installation. The Hi-Flo 3e is ideal for light industrial processes requiring 280** gallons per minute and hardness removal capacity up to 1.2 million grains per tank.

Hi-Flo 3 Softener

The Hi-Flo 3 has standard features and capabilities designed for affordable water softening for small to medium industrial applications needing a flow rate up to 100** gallons per minute. Hardness removal capacity is up to 450k grains per tank.

Hi-Flo 22 Softener

With the Culligan® Smart Controller, the Hi-Flo 22 Softener gives superior results for small to medium scale industrial applications requiring a maximum flow rate of 45** gallons per minute. Hardness removal capacity is up to 210k grains per tank.

Soft-Minder Twin Plus Softener

These dual tanks provide flow rates up to 40** gallons per minute and require only one control valve for operation. The Softminder Twin Plus system hardness removal capacity ranges from 60,000 to 180k grains per tank.


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